Bank-Grade Service Platform Into Your Web And Mobile Apps

Digital Banking Platform

The StyloPay Digital Banking Platform Offers A Suite Of Pre-Built Components For Banking And Card Services Through ACH, Swift, Wire, And Locale Transfers.
Choose A Solution That Helps You Expand Your Service To A Broader Customer Base In Less Time.

Some Of The Solutions That We Offer Are:

  • A Multi-Currency Bank Account That Provides Retail And Business Options.
  • Card issuance
  • International And Domestic Transactions
  • Neo Banking
  • Peer-To-Peer Transfers
  • Cryptocurrency Wallets

Up To 20 Currency
In One Card

Four (Configuarble)
Physical And Virtual Cards
Per Account

Minimum Monthly
Card Fee

Minimum Monthly
Card Fee

Discover The Key Features Of Our Multi-Currency
BaaS Platform

Co-Branded Web Portal And Mobile Apps

Launch Your Own Digital Banking Platform With Your Company's Logo On A Webportal And Mobile App.

Real-Time Payments Network Infrastructure

Leverage Our Real-Time Payment Network Infrastructure For Greater Global Reach.


With Our Multi-Currency Accounts, We Accept Up To 24 Currencies For Ease Of Business.

Bulk And Single Payouts

A Simple And Secure Process That Enables Both Single And Multiple Payments In Different Currencies.

Feature-Rich Apis

We Have 150+ Application Programming Interfaces (Api) To Guide You In Creating Your Own Experience Of Payment Services.

Foreign Exchange Services

Leverage Foreign Exchange (Fx) "Spots And Forwards" In Multiple Currency Pairs.

Use Cases



Expense Management

Banking as-a Service

Stylopay's All-In-One Payroll Service Saves You Time And Money.

  • Unlimited Monthly Bulk Payments And Schedules
  • Pay Employees, Freelancers, Vendors, And Contractors In Real-Time.
  • Add Funds Directly To The Cardholder's Account.

Stylopay Makes Payout Busy For Businesses By

  • Unlimited Bulk Payouts Runs And Schedules
  • Pay Vendors And Contractors In Real-Time
  • Add Funds Directly To Their Cards

Stylopay Help Businesses Save Time And Money With Expense Management

  • Corporate Expense Cards Issued To Employees
  • Robust Reporting And Reconciliation System